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Professional Development Services

FAMOUS Assessment System Training Institute (FASTI)

Offers training related to the following:

  1. Assessment of Institutional / program effectiveness planning and documentation methodology (to support institutional accreditation self studies or to support specialized /professional accreditation self studies self studies)
  2. Assessment for Quality Assurance
  3. Systematic Quality Assurance evidence planning and documentation
  4. Quality Assurance evaluation methodology
  5. Evaluation methodology in Research Grant writing

F.A.S.I. Online Registration

Thank you for your interest in F.A.S.I. Online. There are 3 Registration Levels and associated one-time licensing fees:

  1. Institution/Establishment Level

    This level is for documenting assessment activities for an entire institution or establishment. Licensing fee is $30,000.00 (Annual Registration Renewal fee: $1,000.00 )

  2. Division/College or School Level

    This level is for documenting assessment activities at the division/college/school level of an institution. Licensing fee is $12,000.00 (Annual Registration fee: $600.00 )

  3. Department/Unit Level

    This level is for documenting assessment activities at an individual department or unit within an institution/establishment. Licensing fee is $5,000.00 (Annual Registration Renewal fee: $200.00)

Please contact us to make a payment arrangement if you are paying with a check, purchase order, bank wire transfer.

Assessment And Quality Assurance Consultants (AQAC) presents FAMOUS Assessment System Training Institute (FASTI)

2013 FASTI PROGRAM SCHEDULE: October 10-11, 2013

Theme: Asses to Improve and strengthen

    Objective: FASTI is designed for new assessment professionals and practitioners charged with leading their organization/institution / program in documenting evidence of effectiveness or quality assurance.

      Expected learning outcomes: Participants will be able to implement a sustainable assessment of effectiveness system that meets any quality assurance or accreditation related standard.

      Specifically, completers will apply the F.A.M.O.U.S. six effective steps that assure the integration of assessment results with planning and budgeting processes and guarantees continuous quality improvement.

    1. Hand-holding and Feedback resulting in an implementable robust program/support service assessment plan
    2. A Flash disk of presentation and model assessment plan example
    3. Ongoing mentorship support as desirable

    4. For more information or to register:
      Visit our website: http://fasti-info.wix.com/fasti

      Send us an email: fasti.info@yahoo.com

      Facilitator(s): Uche Ohia, Executive Consultant, Assessment and Quality Assurance Consulting Services

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