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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the F.A.M.O.U.S model?

The six F.A.M.O.U.S assessment steps simplify the assessment processes so that everyone can easily understand what must be done to assure program/institutional effectiveness, a required standard for institutional and programmatic accreditation.

What distinguishes the F.A.M.O.U.S. model from other assessment documentation systems out there?

Unique to the F.A.M.O.U.S model is the sixth step that forces the desired linking of assessment information directly to the planning and budgeting processes thereby demonstrating evidence of institutional effectiveness. Another unique feature is that the F.A.M.O.U.S model is equipped with built-in templates for assessment documentation at the academic program, administrative unit, general education, and course level. These templates are user friendly, customizable and can be transferred and easily fitted into other accreditation documentation tools such as Compliance Assist.

Do you offer support to users implementing the FAMOUS assessment approach?

Certainly! Just contact us by email or phone and we will discuss your needs and our various consulting packages. We do delight in offering hand holding training of users where this is requested.

Can this assessment approach be applied at establishments aside from educational institutions?

The F.A.M.O.U.S. model, which is an acronym exemplifying six effective, comprehensive, systematic, and continuous steps can be applied and adapted universally wherever there is interest in assessing, appraising or evaluating something.

How quickly can this FAMOUS process be applied in a large institution or establishment?

This process can be applied as quickly as the constituents in such a setting understand the intent and importance of any assessment undertaking, be it for self regulation or for accountability to stakeholders. The FAMOUS approach is streamlined to answer all questions of interest to an evaluator or compliance reviewer. Some training may be desirable to quickly clarify assessment terminologies and expose users to best practices in assessment documentation.

Who owns the data once entered into the FASI-Online system?

The user has absolute ownership of whatever data that is entered. The system supports ease of data export in real time to any other database software or data management system chosen by the owner. Indeed, there is no provision to permanently store your data on this platform. The intent is for the data to be exported routinely. Hence the system offers you three formats for exporting your data.

Has this approach been shared at professional meetings?

Of course, the F.A.M.O.U.S. approach which reflects assessment as a multi-step process having been tested and found to be easily adaptable and implementable has been shared at varied professional meetings. Since its conceptualization in 2003, this approach has been presented at such forums as: SACS Annual Meeting, IUPUI Assessment Institute, NASPA International Assessment & Retention Conference, AIRFORUM, Academic Conference by Clute Institute, International Conference on Teaching and Learning-ICTL (Academic Conference). No doubt many of participants at such presentations especially the workshops would have incorporated this approach into their assessment/appraisal/evaluation practices.

What other web sites include information about this FAMOUS assessment approach or FASI-Online?

Information about this FAMOUS assessment approach or FASI-Online tool can be accessed at the following addresses:

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/UPA/assmt/rsrc_new.htm

Measuring Quality - Instruments, Products, Services, and Resources. http://applications.airweb.org/surveys/Inventory.aspx

Florida A&M University Office of University Assessment webpage: www.famu.edu/assessment

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